Illustrated by Anya

Ketubot and illustrations, limited edition prints and custom decorative art


A ketubah should be a visual expression of two people's sentiments, hopes and dreams as they come together in marriage, rather than a mere document to be signed as a formality.  After the party is over and the guests are gone, your ketubah stays with you, reminding you of your special day, and of the sentiments you want preserved.  Anya will create a one of a kind work of art to celebrate your love, a personal memento for you two to cherish forever.

Whether your Ketubah text is provided by you, your Rabbi or your wedding official, Anya will create a custom calligraphy piece to ensure your satisfaction. The ketubot texts available are: secular, reform, vows, humanistic, interfaith, egalitarian, anniversary, orthodox, and conservative (with the Lieberman Clause).

Other religion-based calligraphy, such as home, business, and livelihood blessings are available as well.

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